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Magnetic stirring hotplates MR Hei-Standard package

Magnetic stirring hotplates MR Hei-Standard package

Safe Heating and Mixing
- The extended heating capacity of 800 W reduces heat-up times by 35 % compared to other units at 600 W
- The chemically resistant KeraDisk® hot plate allows for immediate heat transfer resulting in quick heat-up times
- In case the heating function fails, stirring will not be discontinued to prevent bumping
- A separate on/off button for heating prevents unintentional heat-up - the button is illuminated for visual control
- Damage to the stirrer is categorically ruled out even if exposed to highest temperatures - all models come with a fire-resistant aluminum die-cast housing
- In case of a short-circuit, a damage or removal of the temperature sensor from the media, the unit powers off completely
- The temperature sensor consists of two independent safety circuits which switches off heating in case of any overtemperature situation
- Hermetically-sealed housing protects all mechanical and electronic components from aggressive environments
- The average operational lifespan of 10 years is backed by a 3 year warranty and makes your purchase a truly worthwhile investment

MR Hei-Standard - Model for standard applications
- For your protection an independent safety circuit will switch off heating if the hotplate temperature exceeds 25°C over set temperature
- Analog knobs allow for convenient speed setting from 100rpm to 1400rpm at an accuracy of ±2% and temperature setting up to 300°C
- Upgrade this magnetic stirrer with the temperature controller with sensor EKT Hei-Con that provides precise control of temperature to give you temperature overshoot protection and reproducible results.

Supplied with: Magnetic stirrer MR Hei-Standard, with EKT Hei-Con temperature controller with stainless steel (V2A) sensor, support rod and clamp for EKT Hei-Con

Maks. prędk.:1400 obr./min
Moc grzewcza:800 W
Temp. płyty grzejnej:
Maks. temp. medium:
20 do 300°C
Dokładność temp.
Dokładność ustawienia temp. (z Czujnik temp.):
± 5°C
± 1°C
Maks. obj. mieszanej cieczy (H2O):20 L
Wymiary (szer. x gł. x wys.):
Ciężar (MR Hei-Standard):
173 x 277 x 94 mm
Klasa bezpieczeństwa (DIN EN 60529):IP 32
Śred. płyty grzejnej:145 mm
Nr kat.
cena stan
MR Hei-Standard package 1 9.720 157
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Accessories for MR series magnetic stirrers
Bloki grzejne, Heat-On
Bloki grzejne, Heat-On
Bloki grzejne, Heat-On
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