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Analytical balances Practum®

Analytical balances Practum<SUP>®

Unmatched reliability with the world-class weighing instrument. Made in Germany.

- Overload protection for years of reliability
- Supervisor lock for protection against unintentional changes
- Coloured Touchscreen-Display-
- Simple data transfer to printer or PC (''Plug & Work'' Technology). Direct data transfer to Microsoft® Windows programs without further software
- Integrated underfloor weighing
- External calibration, weights are included in delivery
- Easy cleaning: For cleaning of the windshield, the side windows, the sliding cover and all stainless steel parts are easily removable.
- Extra large adjustable feet for easy levelling

Overall dimensions (W x D x H):216 x 360 x 320mm
Height weighing space:209mm
Permissible ambient temperature:+10 to+30°C
Mains adapter:100 - 240V, 50/60Hz
Obciążenie maks.~g
Liniowość~ ± mg
Śred. szalki~mm
Nr kat.
cena stan
PRACTUM64-1S 60 0,1 0,2 90 1 6.262 847
Atrakcyjna cena (na zapytanie)
PRACTUM124-1S 120 0,1 0,2 90 1 6.262 320
Atrakcyjna cena (na zapytanie)
PRACTUM224-1S 220 0,1 0,2 90 1 6.260 896
Atrakcyjna cena (na zapytanie)
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