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Filtercapsulen LifeASSURETTM PFS Serie, PTFE

Filtercapsulen LifeASSURET<SUP>TM</SUP> PFS Serie, PTFE

LifeASSURE™ PFS 50 capsule filters is ideal for sterile air filtration applications in the laboratory.
Typical applications are in air filtration and sterile venting of tanks used for cell culture and bioprocessing designed to remove microorganisms and particulates. The filters offer the ultimate microorganism retention for air and gas streams while providing superior air flow capacity. The containing membrane is designed to provide low pressure drop resulting in fast flow.

- High flow optimized design
- Air and gas flow in both directions
- Reliable sterilization in humid and dry areas
- Hydrophobic PTFE membrane
- Stepped horse-barb of 6-10 mm on either side
- User friendly easy to use
- Autoclavable at 126 °C for 30 minutes at 1.7 bar, 10 cycles
- Polypropylene (PP) housing
- Max. operating pressure 2,8 bar

Wielkość porów~µm
Nr kat.
cena stan
0,20 50 3 9.059 503
Atrakcyjna cena (na zapytanie)na zapytanie
0,20 50 50 9.059 504
Atrakcyjna cena (na zapytanie)na zapytanie
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