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Shakers, Laboshake LS500 and RO500

Shakers, Laboshake LS500 and RO500

- Low profile design
- Low vibration and almost silent operation
- Robust, gentle and maintenance free drive technology, suitable for continuous operation
- High loading capacity at all speed ranges
- Electronic microcontroller unit (MCU)
- Conveniently angled control panel
- Extensive accessories available for almost any shaking application
- Clear, illuminated, speed and time displays
- Ball-bearing mounted shaking platform
- Speed and running time can be adjusted for reproducibility. Running time can be programmed in minutes, hours or for continuous operation. Separate LED time display. Continuously adjustable control setting. Set and current speed, as well as total and remaining time can be recalled on the displays. The last parameters input are stored and reproduced on start-up. Gentle or vigorous shaking speeds available
- Supplied with 4 x 150 mm high vertical rods (1 at each corner) for mounting accessory shaking attachments.

Max. load kg:30 kg
Platform (W x D):540 x 370 mm
Dimensions (W x D x H):610 x 490 x 120 mm
Weight:27 kg

Nr kat.
cena stan
LS500 Reciprocating 0 and 20 - 200 1 9.838 605
Atrakcyjna cena (na zapytanie)
RO500 Orbital 20 - 200 1 9.838 606
Atrakcyjna cena (na zapytanie)
  Ceny w PLN nie zawierają kosztów transportu, ubezpieczenia, pakowania, podatku VAT.
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