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Analytical balance Entris®

Analytical balance Entris®

Get the reliability and quality of a Sartorius balance and pay but only for the features you really need. The new Entris ® was specially designed for effective and reliable every day weighing. The simple and clearly structured user surface, with its logical key assignment and last but not least the very good readability, are ideal conditions for safe working.

- Easy-to-use: Excellent readability by the backlit and high-contrast display , navigation with the function keys and the easy-to-read water level on the front allows for easy and fast operation.
- Basic applications : Entris® supports you in your daily weighing with integrated basic applications like animal weighing, density determination, counting, percent weighing or convert.
- Easy cleaning: For cleaning of the windshield, the side windows, the sliding cover and all stainless steel parts are easily removable.
- High accuracy: The monolithic weighing system guarantees a permanently high measurement accuracy and represents the reliability and quality of a Sartorius balance.
- i-Type balances have internal calibration, balances without i in Type designation have external calibration
- Dimensions (W x D x H): 230 x 303 x 330mm), Height weighing space: 240mm

Supplied with: Universal power adapter, installations and operation manual, windshield as indicated

Obciążenie maks.~g
Liniowość~ ± mg
Śred. szalki~mm
Nr kat.
cena stan
ENTRIS64i-1S 60 0.1 0.2 90 internal 1 6.262 574
Atrakcyjna cena (na zapytanie)
ENTRIS64-1S 60 0.1 0.2 90 external 1 6.262 575
Atrakcyjna cena (na zapytanie)
ENTRIS124i-1S 120 0.1 0.2 90 internal 1 6.262 327
Atrakcyjna cena (na zapytanie)
ENTRIS124-1S 120 0.1 0.2 90 external 1 6.262 573
Atrakcyjna cena (na zapytanie)
ENTRIS224i-1S 220 0.1 0.2 90 internal 1 6.262 468
Atrakcyjna cena (na zapytanie)
ENTRIS224-1S 220 0.1 0.2 90 external 1 6.262 572
Atrakcyjna cena (na zapytanie)
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